Coach On-Site

With the Coach On-Site Program, I will come to your offices or business location for a specific series of dates per week or month for a flat fee. During this time, your employees can schedule individual sessions and/or attend short educational sessions.

Your customized program can include some of the following types of services:

  • Individual and group coaching and consultation on-site
  • Drop-in Brain Gym® sessions called Brain Boosters to enhance work performance
  • Hour long presentations on a variety of HR and performance related topics
  • Access to a Brain Injury Management Expert who can assist employees with expediting the recovery process after brain injury by ensuring early intervention, introduction to healthy coping strategies, empathy and ongoing support and recommendations as needed
  • Employees referral program for family members with acquired brain injury (which is meant to reduce an employee’s work time-loss as a result of maladaptive coping and delayed treatment for the family member)  

Contact me for more information.