Power Coaching® can be used with all of my clients. It consists of the following three core elements: 

 This is a partnership between the coach and client that assists the client in creating rewarding results in the personal and professional areas of their life.The coach asks the right questions in the right order to provide the client with greater focus and awareness of choice. Together, coach and client explore the reasons for the client's challenges or inability to achieve his or her goal(s). A Power Coach® works with the client to explore roadblocks, emotions, fears, Universal Laws, values of humanity, etc. The coach provides support and holds the client accountable over the course of ongoing sessions and emphasizes that results are based on the client’s choices, actions and intentions.

Mind-Kinetics® tools: These are Power Coaching® methods scientifically designed to open closed ‘thinking cells’. If emotions are blocked due to reasons such as denial, repression or trauma, blood flow in the brain can become chronically constricted. This deprives the frontal cortex (a part of the brain generally thought to be where higher level thinking, planning, and goal formulation take place) and other organs of very important nourishment. During a Power Coaching® session, use of the Mind-Kinetics® tools help the client to release emotions/fears attached to the challenge or goal they are focusing on for that session. This release allows for more efficient blood flow in the brain because receptors (which react to emotion and sit inside blood vessel walls) are no longer constricted. Therefore, ‘thinking cells’ receive more of the nourishment they require (glucose and oxygen), which helps the client to think more clearly. As a result, the client can more easily create and accept new ideas/solutions to their challenges and goals and take action.

These methods also train the brain to improve bilateral thinking. The Power Coach® asks specific questions which compel you to switch between right and left hemispheres in order to provide the answers. As a Power Coach® client, you are enhancing both your I.Q. and E.Q.

Mentoring: The coach will share knowledge and wisdom with the client when appropriate, with the intention of bringing additional value to the session.

What to Expect During a Power Coaching® Session
At the beginning of the session, I will help you to identify the issue, challenge or goal that you would like to focus on for that session. Then I'll choose a method to assist you in working on your issue or goal and time is spent completing that activity. By the end of the session, you have developed an action plan as well as additional mentoring if I think I have additional strategies or resources that may help you.

Power Coaching® with Mind-Kinetics® 

Benefits of Power Coaching® with Mind-Kinetics® (PCMK™)

  • PCMK™ creates a shift in thinking. Science has proven that habits and behaviors will only change if there is a physiological biological shift in your brain.  This means faster, positive change for you. Oxygen and glucose will finally reach your thinking cells, bringing changes in perceptions, behaviors and habits.
  • PCMK™ gets to the root cause of the issue. This means you will finally understand why you do the things you do. Then you can make the positive choice to change behaviors and habits.
  • PCMK™ tools, over 60 in number, are based on Universal Laws of Human Behavior.  Developed by Coaching and Leadership International Inc., these tools are unparalleled performance boosters.  Understanding 'The Laws' brings peace of mind. You become more compassionate towards self and others and see their greatness.
  • PCMK™ permanently turns your negative patterns of thoughts, words and actions into positive patterns.  You will overcome negative self-talk. 
  • PCMK™ tools are deeply steeped in 75+ values of humanity like justice, integrity, respect, acceptance and tolerance. You will begin to show greater self love, accept others more and become a stronger role model of honesty, courage and faith in self.
  • PCMK™ assists in peacefully resolving complex situations like harassment. Employees go back to work with no blame. Productivity improves within the team.
  • Used in all areas of life for issues and goals, PCMK™ works on four levels: emotional, spiritual, physical and intellectual.
  • PCMK™ tools are used daily for self-coaching and many of my clients see results quickly.

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