"I have never forgotten that the first four weeks I was very upset. My tears fell down very easily whenever I wanted to talk about the past. Gradually, when every week I saw Crystal, I felt confident.  She talked and helped find solutions to my questions...Also, Crystal helped me to prepare a resume.  I was supported so I was not worried...She taught me some Brain Gym and I found it very useful!...  Some of the Brain Gym helped my left eye (that I injured in a car accident) see better than before. Crystal is an angel to me."


Coaching Testimonials

​"I was at an important juncture in my career when I began to work with Crystal as my coach. I had worked to develop a successful private practice in occupational therapy for the last 4 years, but realized that I needed to expand my area of practice in order to sustain and develop my career path. I knew that I had several hard decisions to make. Crystal helped me to focus on what I wanted to achieve, both personally and professionally. Through her coaching techniques, I was able to narrow down my options and develop a plan that included not only a successful outcome, but also identified the steps required to achieve this outcome. Now, months later, I am working towards that positive outcome. I have a clear path ahead of me and feel optimistic about my future. Thank you for all your help Crystal!"

~Irma Janzen-Marsh, BScOT

"I have been so grateful to have had the benefit of a year and a half of working once a week with Crystal Willms as a support after my brain injury. When I began working with her, I could walk and talk.  However, I was unable to retain information for more than several minutes, unable to make basic decisions, solve simple problems, and I was missing all executive cognitive functions.  Because I appeared to be functioning normally, I needed to work with someone who believed in my potential to recover, and who was intelligent enough to speak at my "normal" level, even though I couldn't always understand.  I needed someone who could create exercises specifically suited to the skill I wanted to develop next, and who fully understood that "maintenance" was an option when "significant improvement" was desired. The greatest value of having Crystal in particular is that she was able to flex with my needs for the day...Whatever I needed, she was ready and able to help. 

Today I function at a significantly higher level and I feel encouraged to press onwards toward the goal of "my normal."


"I am grateful for your action oriented support ... having the help to move forward. I will continue to honor your assistance by doing my best everyday."

~L. J.

"I believe Crystal has a gift for facilitating, coaching, intuitive(ness)... and uses her knowledge."

~M. E.

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​"Honestly, I never expected the huge and amazing support that you have given us, we have no words to describe how blessed we feel for everything that you do to help my family and me. You have brought back the smile on our faces and that is something that is priceless to me. I really hope that you realize just how much you do for us without fail means to me. Crystal, you are amazing!"

~M. M.

​"I recently had an introductory session for Brain Gym with Crystal. My intention was partly curiosity and partly to help me focus on the tennis court and overcome nerves in competition. I thought it would be complicated and require some time to learn, prior to my session. I've tried meditation, hypnosis, and visualization to help me improve and have peak performances more and more often.

The exercises are simple, enjoyable, and the whole routine takes little time. By the end, my mind feels focused and relaxed and my body calm and centered. After some sessions, my senses feel sharper, more acute. On the tennis court, I can focus on the ball easily with fewer mental lapses.  Between points when my mind would typically wander, I focus my eyes on the lines like some of the visual exercises learned - on top of the nets, fence, center lines as well as employing some of the tactile exercises on the court changeover. I find that all of this together keeps my mind, thoughts and the whole inner dialogue from interfering with my game so I'm feeling freer to just play.  And, this extends to when I'm at my desk, with my kids, driving, and is an effective technique to help focus, relax and stay sharp throughout the day."

~Rob Segal, Preferred Mortgage Broker In House at Century 21 Bamber Realty Ltd.​

​"Crystal’s coaching was an essential component of my off-water-training program that helped lead me to a podium finish at the Olympics in Beijing. With her guidance and wisdom, we tackled many challenges that I faced as an athlete both on and off the water. Crystal is very intuitive when it comes to choosing the exact coaching tool to suit the issue, in such a way that mental race preparation, interpersonal relationships, and overcoming adverse circumstances become easier to handle. Crystal’s positive energy and enthusiasm are infectious; at the end of each of our sessions I felt a huge sense of empowerment. When I sat at the start line of the Olympic final there was no question that I was ready to take on the World, literally!"

~Tracy Cameron, MSc Sport Medicine, Olympic Bronze Medallist- Rowing

"My experience with Crystal as my Life Coach has been amazing; she has empowered me with a complete set of tools to reshape my life purpose and goals. I can't thank you enough Crystal for your wisdom and encouragement and highly recommend you to anyone whom is searching for results."

~Jill Stanley Mother, Wife, Stylist, Recording Artist